Brick is a smart hit man who can't shoot worth a damn. Grudge is a dumb hit man who constantly forgets he is one. Together, these two make up the best (and only) hitmen in all of Anarchy Island. Follow their stupid adventures as they try to land a kill!

Logan and I first started acting as Brick and Grudge for another show with far lower production value (and if you've seen Hitmen already, imagine lower than that), but then spun it off and put a little more effort into our characters. Brick and Grudge not only did ten epiodes (counting the early pilot which does play into later episodes), but also appeared in History Tutor, Living With Smiley, and Lab of Ingeniocity in animated form. Not only that, but Brick and Grudge came back as recently as 2018 to appear in the huge RPG Game Retro Knight. Sure, they aren't hitmen anymore, but their characters continue on! Brick and Grudge are also due to appear in the new Animal Fury game due in late 2018 / early 2019. Their characters outgrew their own show.

Brick - Logan Mitchell
Grudge - Noah B. Wilson
Wolfgang - Drew Gaebel
Mr. Kaluah - Shane Kumalac
Mr. Kaluah II - Josh Archuleta

Shot and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2005-2007 Smiley Crew Productions

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