Anarchy Island is the great idea that never happened, and was meant to be a much cleaner, better, prettier version of Tales From Chaos City. It was meant to be this cartoon/series game which I think I just involved too many people with to really make happen. It'd be like if every week there was a new Avengers movie or something: people are just too busy. I managed to make one longer cartoon which never got a part two, and then I wrote like 10 more. As a way to get some sort of feeling of accomplishment in between epic cartoons, I started to make these super-quick cartoons, and now they are all that is left.

Anarchy Island is a show about an island that is just as its namesake says: there are no rules. There is some sort of calm harmony shared among those who live in the town of Osos Bay on the island, but apart from that: chaos reigns. This show starred every character we had managed to create up until this point: Johnny, Angus, Dr. Kock, Boozer, Stubs, Dr. Moorhead, Brick, Grudge, Mr. Smiley, Iceman, Hollywood, Jester, Merlin, Charlie, and so on and so on. They all hung out on this island that didn't have any form of government or police.

Again, it just never came to be.

Fun fact: Most of the Anarchy Island residents have moved to Kingdomland in Retro Knight. Can you find them all?

Dr. Kock - Noah B. Wilson
Gorpee - Noah B. Wilson
Johnny Thunderpants - Noah B. Wilson
Dennis Franco - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Boozer The Clown - Gabe Wilson
Hobbo Stubs - Ryan Hancock
Jester Cobblepot - CJ Goodwin
Angus McGreggor - Max Marple
Christopher Walken - Max Marple
Drawn and Animated by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2012 Smiley Crew Productions

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