Hey there. Noah here. I'm trying to make 50 new things in 2020, and I'm tracking all of them right here. This could be things like major app updates, new episodes of shows, or new major releases on the website. Here's what I got so far, as well as things that are on the way.
  1/1/2020 - The new site goes live. Embrace the new decade!
+1 1/3/2020 - Dino Maker! The newest App from SCP Games is now available, and it's pretty rad.
  1/7/2020 - Smiley Crew's Last Stand is now online!
+1 1/12/2020 - SGTVA Episode #33. The puppets are back! New episodes will pop up (roughly) every week.
  1/13/2020 - Five old movies are added: The Risk Taker, WSDBA, Rockkyz, and both Rex Millers.
+1 1/14/2020 - The Roku Channel "Smiley Crew TV" debuts.
  1/15/2020 - The mobile version of (or goes live!
+1 1/16/2020 - New commercial for Migginnty Jones! The lost footage has been found!
+1 1/17/2020 - Another new commercial for Migginnty Jones!
+1 1/18/2020 - Another new commercial for Migginnty Jones!
  1/21/2020 - Chaos City and Best of New Show are added to the site.
  1/22/2020 - Anarchy Island Shots are renamed simply Anarchy Island and added to the Roku Channel.
  1/23/2020 - Roku Channel gets five more episodes of SGTVA.
1/26/2020 - SGTVA Episode #34.
2/2/2020 - SGTVA Episode #35.
2/9/2020 - SGTVA Episode #36.
Retro Knight 6.0 (Spring 2020)
New Animal Fury Episodes (August)
New show currently called Smiley Crew's Remote Control featuring:
New Boozer and Stubs Skits
New Migginnty Jones
New Animal Fury Skits
New Murder Bear Show
New Quacker's Show
Retro Knight: The Animated Series (TBD)
Classic skits
Golfing With Angus (August)
New Episodes of Anarchy Island (TBD)
Robot Gardens 1.0 (Fall 2020)
Anarchy Island: The Game 1.0 (long shot on this one)
Waffle Time 5.0 (TBD)
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