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What started as a way for Noah B. Wilson to simply hang up a few pots and pans via pegboard grew into a monster, and that monster cannot be satisfied. And while it looks like a lot of money was spent, The Barcade has become a money saver because its way cheaper to drink $1 beers at home than go to a bar and drink $5 beers. In the end, this thing is basicaly Noah's hobby. It's a beast. It's his 'car in the garage' that he keeps tinkering with, and it's amazing. It's oddly customizable, modular, and quite sophisticaed. What's next for The Barcade, Noah's own personal obsession? Wait and see.

Jump To The Beginning of The Barcade's History
Barcade v13.0 and Barcade Booth 5.0
July 2020
There isn't actually a new picture for v13.0 because it honestly looks exactly the same.

But what is totally rad is that the Barcade Booth got a Touchscreen Monitor, and therefore a brand new CPU. So freakin' cool. Now games, movies, and music are just a tap away! Also, the bonus speaker (hidden behind Mario and Bowser) got an extension cord on it so it can be moved elsewhere to provide more booming sounds. We felt these two awesome features took it up a whole number.

Oh, and the adjustment to the Barcade Booth also lets the new disco lights beam better without getting in your eyes. Maybe I'll post a pic of that later.
Barcade v12.0
February 2020
Sadness ended with me having to spend money, which of course resulted in an upgrade. The TV in the corner died (well, the HDMI stopped working, which is more or less the same), so I had to buy a new one. Got a great deal on a 24" Smart TV, so the TV in the corner is now BIGGER and SMARTER! Also, a trip to a less-than-friendly used video game store helped me finish off my NES collection (for now). A few tweeks here and there brought the Barcade up another digit.

I'm thinking about getting a custom sign made. Could be part of a future upgrade.
Barcade v11.5
January 2020
This upgrade took a bit longer cuz I was visiting game stores and eBay, but the official entry is in January 2020. I managed to make a few adjustments to the bar just to get one more inch of wall space. Turns out a minor tweek made a major difference! All I did was bumpt the original bar from v1.0 up a bit more with some extra legs, move the mini fridge over an inch, and then was able to add a new shelf full of NES carts was added! Mark my words, I'll fill these shelves (then probably make another). This change also let me get better access to the 'utility shelf' where the WiiU, Switch Dock, DVD Player, and HDMI Switcher are located.

Also, I finally took a picture of the bar in Lounge Mode. For the late-night drinkers.
Barcade v11.0
December 2019
Might I offer you some advice? Forget everything you think you know. Just when I thought this thing was done, it's not. The Bar gets a new monitor IN the bar! That's freakin' mind blowing, if you ask me. Mirros off of the Barcade Booth, so it is like an extension of the Booth and can use SNES controllers. Various art upgrades and some reshuffling puts things in place. Also note the little "puck lights" around the bar (two above the chalkboard). There are a few above the arcade booths. I didn't have a picture of the bar in its now "Lounge Mode", but I'll get one eventually.

There's also an important new shelf on the left side of the bar which holds a ton of NES carts. This would become my new addiction going forward because ... well, next entry please.
Barcade v10.0 and Barcade Booth v4.0
October 2019
The upgrades are not as obvious because there's just no more room. Another sound system upgrade, Barcade Booth gets a new blue skin, and a Robit! You can see the new shelves on the left which were added in v9.0. Had to get new white tiles. There's more glasses on the right wall.

Most importantly of all: Meet the Robit! He's on wheels, and wants you to play some board games or air hockey! He pops right out of the Booth! It's like a little game caddy. I wish he had a motor...
Barcade v9.0
February 2019
The mini arcade is added! There are six of them, and yes, they all work! I also added some better shelving, more internal wiring to make things fancier, but I don't have pictures of all that stuff. Sorry. Those lab glasses look pretty cool in the bottom right!
Barcade v8.0 and Barcade Booth v3.5
February 2018
I don't remember what took the Barcade to v8.0, but I'm sure it was all internal stuff. At some point, I added a Roku, got new speakers, and then added lights behind the Barcade Booth. There's also a few more crazy things on the walls as stuff got shuffled around.
Barcade v7.0 and Barcade Booth v3.0
July 2017
With no place left to go outward, the only place to go was inward. The Barcade gets a cool ledge above the TV, a few more lights, and an ice machine! Also, the Barcade Booth gets its second skin, but that one's gone too now. It also got a pull-out keyboard and inner shelving. The original bar gets its own inner-shelving for a BluRay player, Nintendo WiiU, wine rack, and water. Water? Lame. There's a ton of little things in this upgrade as well, but I don't remember them all.
Barcade v6.0
March 2017
Let there be lights! The Barcade glows now, gtes two very cool lamps built into it, and it has a lot of cool Nintendo art. This is surely when the theme of Barcade took hold. The Barcade Booth also lost its Viking Bunny skin and is going to have an SCP Arcade skin. Also: Doritos!
Barcade v5.0
December 2016
Someone help me. A Christmas idea turns into a Christmas miracle as The Barcade gets ... another wall. Growing out of control, the Barcade swallows up a window, gets a better lamp, gets a new light, and the Barcade Booth gets a skin! That skin will be removed later. Gross.

Also note that this is when the Barcade got its name, as shown on the chalkboard.
Barcade v4.0 gets Barcade Booth 2.0
October 2015
The beginning of the end of my sanity. The obession grows as the new Barcade Booth is added. It's still there (granted, its had a new paint job and loaded with extras). Barcade v4.0 would remain this way for a while until the crazy idea above was hatched.
Barcade Booth v1.0
June 2015
Time to put the Arcade in Barcade! Granted, this was another prototype for making my own arcade booth. This was not the right way to go, and this 'really heavy box' has since been destroyed.
Barcade v3.0
April 2015
The Barcade gets real with a TV! Holy crap! And a really cool light too. So cool. The chairs were part of v2.0, and I'm still using them! I'm sitting on one of them right now, actually. Hey look! It's Vin Scully!
Barcade v2.0
February 2015
Now that we got all this room, its time to expand! Barcade v1.5 was not meant to last for the rug was placed for a reason. Now the 'bar' is real. Nacho helps supervise this addition. He is pleased.
Barcade v1.5
January 2015
Welp, we moved into a house. Now there is room to grow! The Barcade was called The Lab for now, but that was because we didn't know what was coming. There are now cheeseballs, a blender, and coffee?
Barcade v1.2
January 2014
It took us a while, but we finally got some real booze at the bar. The idea was that you would pull the 'bar' out when it was time to be used. That idea did not last long.
Barcade v1.1
December 2013
After digging the mini fridge out of storage, the bar was reorganized to be something greater. The idea was growing, but space was limited. Hey! A keg!
Barcade v1.0
December 2013
It wasn't quite a bar yet. It was just an idea for a cool way to use pegboard to hang up our pots and pans. There are some wine bottles and some bottle openers, but I wasn't sure what I was doing yet.
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