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Games Currently Available
Help Cassandra and Carlos get back to their mansion and defeat the very rude Larry the Gargoyle!
hollywood 27240
hollywood 10255
hollywood 10245
Jump, lift, carry, and make as many different waffles as you can in this unique platform/puzzler!
ENW 325
FOX 100
hollywood 50
Defend Dr. Moorhead's precious computer from Dr. Kock's invading mini robots!
hollywood 102000
hollywood 73750
sharilyn 65200
Gorpee is lost somewhere in Corporation H! Can Dr. Kock (and friends) find him?
hollywood 1880
hollywood 500
sharilyn 350
Prove your memory isn't that bad by matching cards featuring Boozer & Stubs and their puppet pals!
hollywood 9325
hollywood 7828
sharilyn 6678
Brick is blasting bricks with a ball he found in an alley. Why? We don't know, just don't let those bricks fall!
Jobin is on ice, and rolling around on his favorite toy on a quest to catch as many coins as he can!
Blast into outer space with Clutch Sprocket in this classic, action-packed space-shooter!
hollywood 2639
hollywood 2229
sharilyn 1980
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Coming in 2024
Here are the games that have been opened and started on some level. Some take longer than others cuz ... reasons.
Side-scrolling platformer with mutliple level options. Blast your way through nature! This game will be a bit bigger and feature both an Arcade Mode and a Quest Mode where you can travel across Anarchy Island and complete specific hunts. Platformer / Run-and-gun / Level-based IN DEV
Retro Knight: The Trials of Daily Monotony Retro Knight gets a massive sequel, and it's free from Apple's clutches. Grudge is back in a bigger world, and this time he has friends! Make an adventure party using any NPC and travel over an expanded and reimagined Kingdomland. This game is too big to put into just one simple paragraph. Top-view / Maze / RPG / Simulation / Action / Adventure IN DEV
Six Pack Man Based upon Pac Man, this classic SCP Game will be reborn again in HTML5. This would be like the 6th incarnation of this game. I'd like to take it back to the Pac-Man basics. Top-view / Maze / Level-based IN DEV
Shopping Cart Carnage This old game has needed a remastering for a while, and now it will get it in HTML5. Boozer and Stubs stole a beer-powered shopping cart, and they are going to ride it all over Anarchy Island. Too bad it doesn't have brakes. Runner / Platformer / Racing TBD
Rex Or Die A top-view skateboarding game has famous Smiley Crew legend Rex Miller skating downhill ready to do as many tricks as possible. Just watch out for secret agents who ... for some reason ... want him dead. What did Rex do? Top-view / Racing TBD
Due for Development
Check out a bunch of other game ideas coming in the future. There are so many, we had to move them to a separate page!
Super Game Talk Video Alpha Retro Knight
The Boozer And Stubs Show Cosmic Rush
Animal Fury Gorpee Kong
Migginnty Jones Jobin On Ice
Ask Quackers Brick Doubt
Anarchy Island Erase Invaders
Living With Smiley Bad Memory
Hitmen Waffle Time
Lab Of Ingeniocity Spookymania
The Viking Bunnies
Prime Time Crew
Chaos City
Smiley Crew's Last Stand
Smiley Crew's New Show
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