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A long time ago in 1999, someone got a camera and Final Cut Pro, and that was the start of something scary. A bunch of silly friends started making videos, skits, and learning to write comedy, and keep in mind this was long before Youtube was even created!

Dusty was Rex Miller. Max played Angus McGreggor and Luis was Charlie Peacock. Gabe and Ryan were Boozer and Stubs. CJ kicked butt in The Risk Taker. Logan and Noah were Brick and Grudge. We didn't go to acting school or film school (until later), and yet we did some great stuff. Skits turned into a cable access shows, film degrees, cartoons, video games, and on and on and on.

We didn't become Youtube famous because Youtube wasn't around when we got going. We were ahead of the curve. Smiley Crew Productions is just a bunch of high school friends who grew up and yet still make stuff. We may have lives, but we still crank out new stuff from time to time, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We're not famous. We're not rich. We don't care.
Everything on the Home Page (and more!). Shows and series like Super Game Talk Video Alpha, Animal Fury, The Boozer And Stubs Show, and Hitmen. Cartoons like Anarchy Island, Lab Of Ingeniocity, History Tutor, and Living With Smiley. The awesome adventures of The Viking Bunnies. Great mobile apps like Retro Knight, SCP Arcade, Jobin The Penguin, Waffle Time, Six Pack Man, Erase Invaders, and so much more. We just make things. Lots of things. We'll keep making things well after you read this. Come back for more.
A vast majority of our live action stuff was filmed in San Luis Obispo County like Animal Fury, Hitmen, and Boozer and Stubs. Pretty much all the cartoons ended up being made while Noah was in school at CSU Monterey Bay. Games like Retro Knight and shows like SGTVA are being made out of San Diego now-a-days. We're all kinda spread out now, but that doesn't matter too much. We can still make stuff thanks to the magic of the internet!
We started in 1998, but the Smiley Crew Productions name didn't appear until we actually got editing equipment in 1999. Cable access shows from 2001-2005. Cartoons from 2005-2008. Random other creations like new Animal Fury, Hitmen, and Boozer and Stubs from 2006-2010. Mobile Apps basically took over in 2013 or so. Still going strong in that regard! Viking Bunnies 'kid's book series' showed up in 2011. Jobin in 2015. Smiley Crew Productions buys www.indievideogames.com in 2016. Retro Knight went into production in 2017. Viking Bunnies get a cartoon in 2017. S.G.T.V.A. starts prouduction in February 2018 and goes for 32 episodes (maybe more later)! Retro Knight dropped in June 2018. Boom! Occasional puppet shows, books, and other such nonsense sprinkled in there.
Because. Duh.
Noah made his first movie 'The Adventures of Rex Miller' in 1999 in Avid Videoshop, then later remastered it in iMovie. Rex Miller 2 was made in Final Cut Pro 1.0 in 2000, and everything else in Final Cut Pro until 2018 when Noah's last Mac with FCP 7 finally died and he had to move to Premiere Pro. Flash cartoons and games showed up in 2004, and then became Mobile Apps in 2013. Garage Band for music started in 2004. No budget. Little revenue. Just drive and desire to create. No bullshit Kickstarter. Just a love of creating things. That's how.
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