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Episode 1: Quackers Wants A Shirt
The first episode gets started with less than a bang when Quackers complains on air that he didn't get a shirt. Murder Bear talks about all the great segments on the show, and reviews Chaos And The White Robot.
Episode 2: The Tijuana Mystery
Quackers thinks he should go to Tijuana for some reason, and Doc seems to have lost all of his pants. Meanwhile as Murder Bear tries to keep the show going, he reviews Hexa Words and God Damn Cardgame.
Episode 3: Warty Eats A Bee
Quackers has indeed run off to Tijuana, yet still manages to do the show remotely. Yet when a bee attacks the studio, Warty is chosen to eat it. Murder Bear reviews Wordsum Blitz and Stupid Aliens.
Episode 4: Claws Loses His Butt
Claws discovers someone under his desk who may or may not be a puppeteer, Quackers's travels take him to Hawaii after he gets kicked out of Mexico, and Warty misses the show because he is suffering from 'The Bee Incident'. Despite the troubles, Murder Bear reviews Volatile Triangle and The Midnight Show.
Episode 5: Live Episode 3/11/18
With all the craziness going on in the SGTVA studio, Murder Bear takes it upon himself to do the show, doing SGVTA's first ever live show. It's a doozy of one random review after another after another. Way to take one for the team, Murder Bear.
Episode 6: According To Plan
Now with everything back to normal, the SGTVA gang does their job and does it well. Without any hiccups, Quackers, Doc, and Warty all do their respective segments while Murder Bear reviews Sentinels and Orc Island Creative Survival.
Episode 7: The Quackers Show
Murder Bear is dead, and somehow Quackers has taken over hosting duties for the show, which doesn't really sit well in Doc's eyes. Nevertheless, the show must go on! In his first rounds of reviews, Quackers reviews VR Shooter Guns and Selma And The Wisp.
Episode 8: Too Busy To Talk
Turns out Murder Bear is not dead, and he is back to host the show! Quackers it put back in his place, and Doc seems too busy to do his segment. Must be a lot of cool things going on over at! Back at the desk, Murder Bear reviews Metropolis and Susurrus.
Episode 9: Claws Can't Write
Is Murder Bear dead again? Probably not because his name is in the title of the episode. In any case, it seems that Murder Bear back after yet another Meatball Sub attack, and he's here to review Forests of Augusta and Ghost Squad.
Episode 10: Live Episode 4/17/18
Murder Bear dives into the world of Live Broadcasts again as he does another marathon-review-show. How many reviews did he manage to do? We don't know. We can't count that high. Check out SGTVA's second live show!
Episode 11: Brand New Duck
Something has happened to both Quackers and Warty, and Murder Bear can't seem to figure it out. Maybe you can. Still able to do the show, the SGTVA gang move forward, which seems to be music to Doc's happy bunny ears. Murder Bear reviews Machinery and Sol705.
Episode 12: It's Witchcraft
Things are still weird around the SGTVA set, but it doesn't seem to slow down the show. Doc has an interesting idea for a way to make even better, and Murder Bear reviews Ancient Rush 2 and Bad Burgers.
Episode 13: Mr. Stupid Bear
Has Quacker's revealed his next master plan to host the show? Things get way out of hand as Quackers somehow takes over the show again. How did he do it? In any case, the cast is generally confused. Quackers reviews Sacred Stones and Peter O Dactile.
Episode 14: Fly Sauce
Quacker's latest attempt to take over the show has once again been stopped, but things are not quite back to normal just yet. Still not in his own body, Murder Bear keeps the hosting duties and puts everyone else back in their original spots. Through all this, Murder Bear reviews Pit Blocks 3D and Amorph Escape.
Episode 15: Live Episode 5/20/18
Murder Bear gets back into his old body just in time for another live episode. That's lucky! He also makes up a few songs as he reviews game after game after game. How many reviews did he manage to do? Find out by watching SGTVA's third live show!
Episode 16: Review Review
After all the attempted murders and magic spells, Murder Bear has agreed to give Quackers (and others) more time on the show, giving them a chance to join him in Impromptu Reviews. With that in mind, Murder Bear and Quackers review Skrobol and Drifty Ride.
Episode 17: A Bit Too Easy
The gang seems to settle in to their new roles as Murder Bear and Doc review General Practitioner and CompliKATed. Doc should probably focus on his main job, though.
Episode 18: A Warty Review
Things are coasting as Murder Bear and Warty review Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner and Evergrow. Quackers makes some bold claims gets to watch some blood splatter. Doc worries that some parts of the site are not being used enough.
Episode 19: We're Still Rolling
The gang has really hit their stride as everyone gets to chip into an episode, yet Murder Bear realizes that the cameras don't seem to turn off when the show is over. Despite that, they gang reviews Unearned Bounty and Riders Of Asgard.
Episode 20: Too Hot To Handle
After a month off, the gang is back in the studio, and its hot! The puppets all have to deal with the fact that there is no A/C, and that doesn't boast well for anyone. In any case, Murder Bear takes it upon himself to review both Mass O' Kytz and Poop Slinger
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