Made in 2003 for a contest for The Best Damn Sports Show Peroid, the gang got together to play a game of one-on-one basketball that had no boundries. Loosely based off of an old Monty Python skit where two people played Hide and Seek and a video game that Adam and Nick used to play, Ace and King were allowed to score on any hoop they could find in the world. Of course ... things got weird. Props to Pete Yankmee for keeping up as long as he did.

Fun facts: The lights above the basketball hoop at the very end went out ... so the final shot had to use that stupid 'night vision' crap. This was back before we could afford things like our own lights. Also the time limit on the contest was that the skit had to be less than 3:00, which is why the entire video is sped up and they sound like chipmunks. That was originally not the plan, but oh well.

King - Nick Bishop
Ace - Adam Vickers
Pete Yankmee - Josh Archuleta
Jack Stanovich - Logan Mitchell

Filmed and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2003 Smiley Crew Productions

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