Before Anarchy Island became Anarchy Island, it was just Osos Bay: a small town on the coast that was full of weirdos. With characters based on a close-knit group of friends, and crazier characters based on voices in their heads, Tales From Chaos City was supposed to be linked directed to Adventures In Chaos City: my final school project and totally sweet Flash game that is sadly dead and gone. For whatever reason, we named all the characters based on characters from Top Gun, aside from the obvious ones who would end up living longer and going on to greater things, or came from my past before going to college. There was an ongoing plot revolving around a meteor and the arrival of Mr. Unstoppable. Tales From Chaos City was also meant to be a sort of prequel to The Fury Saga, but again ... some things just don't pan out. I think I think too big sometimes ... most times.

Tales From Chaos City was really my first big shot at making full cartoons, and all I can say is I learned a lot. Making these was easier than anything I would do in the future simply because I was still in college and everyone was around to provide voices. I would never think it would later become too difficult to round up the gang to record voices. We wrote a ton of episodes. I think we got up to over a dozen scripts, but only 3 made it to animation. These are legends among those who worked on them, but barely saw the spotlight and remain in the depths of the internet. Shame. They're still pretty cool, especially Episode 3.

Fun Fact: Logan Mitchell took over for Iceman's voice in Living With Smiley, and I regret not making that change sooner cuz Iceman's voice was crap before that.

Hollywood - Noah B. Wilson
Merlin - Joey Milano
Charlie - Kiwi Simpson
James / Issac - Logan Mitchell
Billy Bob Thorton - Joey Milano
Dr. Kockpocalypse - Noah B. Wilson
James Spader - Joey Milano
Kurt Russell - Max Marple
Iceman - Noah B. Wilson
Yoseph Poha - Noah B. Wilson
Viggo Mortensen - Noah B. Wilson
Hobbo Stubs - Ryan Hancock
Boozer The Clown - Gabe Wilson

Drawn and Animated by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2005-2006 Smiley Crew Productions

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