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- Mobile Apps / Flash Work / Graphic Design -
Mobile Apps, Cartoons, websites, video games, graphics, and more! I use Adobe Flash for a variety of things and don't plan on stopping just because Apple wants me to. Flash is great tool for vector art, animation, or coding simple programs for use online or offline. I have done a fair amount of professional work for a variety of clients and continue to do so to this day! I have used flash for professional jobs at NBC, Nourish Interactive, Remilon, Mantech, and ScienceMedia, but sadly I am unable to share everything I made for all those companies. In any case, check out some of my past work below.

Mobile Apps (iOS)
I make all sorts of Apps under the name SCP Games. While most of my Apps are indeed games, I also do storybooks, some utility Apps for private businesses, and a really sweet workout App!

The Viking Bunnies
The Viking Bunnies! The Viking Bunnies is not a game or a cartoon (yet) but a book and a very cool series of mobile apps and children's books! This is when I used Flash for its artistic abilities. The Viking Bunnies are currently my biggest focus and I am currently shopping them around to major publishers. There is no doubt in my mind that you will see The Viking Bunnies in bookstores one day. You can pick up one of their books right now in my Books section or just download an app!

Anarchy Island Cartoons
Anarchy Island also has a cartoon series I am slowly making installments for. Here are a few shorts you can enjoy right now. Each cartoon is only 30 seconds long, and may contain naughty language and violence. After all, it is called Anarchy Island. Who knows what goes on there! (A comic book series and novel are also in the works.)

Nourish Interactive
I did a lot of freelance work for www.nourishinteractive.com. I made a few games, graphics, and a cartoon too! The cartoon is to be featured on a television show (although I don't have any more information other than that). I have tested many of these links recently to make sure my games/graphics/toons are still live. The website is geared toward teaching kids about nutrition, so it felt good to do something good for good people. That's good, right? (It seems as though Nourish Interactive did not properly size them for their website.)
Chef Solus Cooking Game
Basketball Cartoon
Pyramid Panic Video Game
Assorted Graphics

Education Portal
While not traditional Flash, I conviced my previous employers to use Flash Characters to make their educational videos more engaging. Now over 30 editors are using my characters as the company continues to grow based on a library that I created from scratch. I made almost all of the videos listed on this page (at least 90%) of them. I would have liked to have made them even more "Flashy", but I only had so much time to work on each video. Check out "Greek Myth and Religion", "The Odyseey", or "History of Sparta". They are my favorites. I made well over a hundred videos while working for Education Portal.
Afternoon Harpoon
Afternoon Harpoon
The Distant Future
Chicken Banana Pizza
Tourist Attraction
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